Men’s Jackets

Our custom suit jackets and sport coats feature a fit like no other due to our tried-and-true patterns. Elegant options such as thread colors, pic stitching, buttons, lining, and sleeve finishing mean that each suit is fully personalized to your client’s specifications.

Men’s Trousers

Great care and craftsmanship goes into each pair of dress pants we make. Customize pleats, waistband extensions, pockets, side treatments, and dozens of other options for the ultimate luxury. We also offer our partners a buy 2 get 1 free deal on trousers from select ranges all the time to help them maximize their profits.

Men’s Vests

Complete the look with a custom waistcoat, whether a matching three-piece or a complementary fabric. We offer many lapel and front styles for your clients to choose from.

Men’s Outerwear

Help your clients bundle up in style. We offer several styles of car coats and top coats fit for any client and climate.