Updated 9.23.22

Fall & Winter 2022

GS  | GS-1823

Spring & Summer 2022

CD  | CD-1451

HD  | HD-1359, HD-1381, HD-1383, HD-1389, HD-1394, HD-1395

LD  |  LD-1420, LD-1433, LD-1439

RD  | RD-1277, RD-1289, RD-1301

Fall & Winter 2021

BC  | BC-1038, BC-1039, BC-1040, BC-1042, BC-1062, BC-1064

BE  | BE-982, BE-983, BE-985, BE-987, BE-989, BE-990, BE-991, BE-994,

           BE-996, BE-997, BE-998, BE-999, BE-1001, BE-1003, BE-1004, BE-1007,

           BE-1008, BE-1009, BE-1015, BE-1016, BE-1017, BE-1018, BE-1019,

           BE-1020, BE-1021, BE-1022

BI  |  BI-878, BI-880, BI-884, BI-886, BI-887, BI-888, BI-893, BI-895,

           BI-897, BI-898

BL  | BL-1073, BL-1079, BL-1085, BL-1093, BL-1094, BL-1097, BL-1098,

           BL-1103, BL-1109

BU  | BU-1153

BV  | BV-933, BV-934, BV-940, BV-941, BV-943, BV-948, BV-949, BV-950,

            BV-955, BV-956, BV-969

BX  | BX-1185

Spring & Summer 2021

BL  | BL-785, BL-787, BL-792, BL-798, BL-799, BL-806, BL-813,

           BL-818, BL-823

BP  | BP-734, BP-736, BP-738, BP-745, BP-748, BP-751, BP-752,

           BP-762, BP-766, BP-767, BP-768, BP-769, BP-770, BP-774,


BR  | BR-867, BR-869

HS  | HS-318030, HS-318062

Fall & Winter 2020

AA  |  AA-428, AA-445, AA-459, AA-467

HH |  HH-528, HH-532, HH-541, HH-543, HH-544, HH-545, HH-553,


LL  |   LL-448, LL-489, LL-490, LL-493, LL-495, LL-497, LL-501, LL-503,

            LL-505, LL-507, LL-509, LL-510, LL-517, LL-522,  LL-523

SS   |  SS-578, SS-582, SS-584, SS-589, SS-590, SS-597, SS-598, SS-602,

            SS-603, SS-606, SS-616

Spring & Summer 2020

RA   | RA-9848, RA-9852, RA-9853, RA-9855, RA-9856, RA-9857, RA-9861,

             RA-9875, RA-9876, RA-9877, RA-9880, RA-9885, RA-9886,

             RA-9887, RA-9889

XA   | XA-283, XA-288, XA-289, XA-291, XA-298, XA-310, XA-311, XA-315,

             XA-317, XA-414

ZA  |  ZA-204, ZA-220, ZA-227, ZA-229, ZA-230, ZA-328, ZA-335

Fall & Winter 2019

QG  | QG-9419, QG-9420, QG-9422, QG-9423, QG-9424, QG-9426, QG-9427,

             QG-9430, QG-9432, QG-9433

QJ   |  QJ-9533, QJ-9534, QJ-9537, QJ-9539, QJ-9542, QJ-9553, QJ-9554

Sold-Out Linings


L002, L004, L008, L009, L010, L011,

L012, L013, L015, L022, L023, L024,

L025, L033, L038, L039, L040, L041,

L042, L043, L044, L046, L049, L051,

L052, L054, L055, L058, L059, L060,

L062, L063, L064, L065, L066, L067,

L078, L086, L088, L091, L095, L097,

L099, L100, L101, L106, L107, L108,

L119, L126, L127, L128, L130, L131,

L133, L135, L136 & L138



LN323, LN350, LN355, LN357,

LN360, LN374, LN388, LN394,

LN395, LN396, LN398* & LN400

Sold-Out Buttons

G-5, G-12, A-10 & N-7

Sold-Out Ultrasuedes

U-6906, U-6910, U-6911 & U-6912

Mill-Delayed Fabrics

GF-1708: Mid-November

BE-988: End of October

BD-1308: End of September
BD-1314: End of September
BD-1478: Mid-November
BD-1490: Mid-November

BX-1169: Mid-September

HD-1366: Mid-November
HD-1379: Mid-September
HD-1380: End of September

RD-1288: End of September

ZD-1244: End of September
ZD-1255: Mid-September
ZD-1256: Mid-October
ZD-1257: Mid-September

AA-423: Mid-September
AA-431: End of September

ZA-210: Mid-November
ZA-342: Mid-October
ZA-337: Mid-September
ZA-341: Mid-September

KA-381: End of September

Mill-Delayed Linings

LN418/L079: End of September