Updated 1.27.23

Fall & Winter 2022

GH  | GH-1784, GH-1809

GL  | GL-1739, GL-1743, GL-1745, GL-1764, GL-1769, GL-1851

GS  | GS-1823

Spring & Summer 2022

CD  | CD-1451

HD  | HD-1342, HD-1359, HD-1379, HD-1381, HD-1383, HD-1385,

            HD-1386, HD-1394, HD-1395

LD  |  LD-1420, LD-1433, LD-1439

RD  | RD-1277, RD-1289, RD-1296, RD-1301

Fall & Winter 2021

BC  | BC-1038, BC-1039, BC-1040, BC-1042, BC-1051, BC-1062, BC-1064, BC-1066, BC-1068

BE  | BE-981, BE-982, BE-983, BE-985, BE-987, BE-989, BE-990, BE-991,

           BE-994, BE-995, BE-996, BE-997, BE-998, BE-999, BE-1001, BE-1002,

           BE-1003, BE-1004, BE-1007, BE-1008, BE-1009, BE-1014, BE-1015,

           BE-1016, BE-1017, BE-1018, BE-1019, BE-1020, BE-1021, BE-1022

BH  | BH-909

BI  |  BI-878, BI-880, BI-883, BI-884, BI-886, BI-887, BI-888, BI-893,

           BI-895, BI-897, BI-898

BL  | BL-1073, BL-1079, BL-1085, BL-1093, BL-1094, BL-1097, BL-1098,

           BL-1103, BL-1109

BU  | BU-1153

BV  | BV-933, BV-934, BV-940, BV-941, BV-942, BV-943, BV-948, BV-949,

            BV-950, BV-955, BV-956, BV-969

BX  | BX-1185

Spring & Summer 2021

BL  | BL-784, BL-785, BL-787, BL-792, BL-798, BL-799, BL-806,

           BL-813, BL-818, BL-823

BP  | BP-734, BP-736, BP-738, BP-745, BP-748, BP-751, BP-752,

           BP-762, BP-766, BP-767, BP-768, BP-769, BP-770, BP-774,


BR  | BR-865, BR-866, BR-867, BR-869, BR-870

HS  | HS-318027, HS-318030, HS-318062

Fall & Winter 2020

AA  |  AA-428, AA-444, AA-445, AA-459, AA-467

HH |  HH-528, HH-532, HH-541, HH-543, HH-544, HH-545, HH-553,


LL  |   LL-448, LL-489, LL-490, LL-493, LL-495, LL-497, LL-501, LL-503,

            LL-505, LL-507, LL-509, LL-510, LL-517, LL-522,  LL-523

Spring & Summer 2020

ZA  |  ZA-202, ZA-204, ZA-220, ZA-227, ZA-229, ZA-230

Fall & Winter 2019

QJ   |  QJ-9533, QJ-9534, QJ-9537, QJ-9539, QJ-9542, QJ-9553, QJ-9554

Sold-Out Linings


LN323, LN350, LN355, LN357,

LN360, LN372, LN374, LN378*,

LN388, LN394, LN395, LN396,

LN398, LN400 & LN418

Sold-Out Buttons

G-5, G-12, A-10 & N-7

Sold-Out Ultrasuedes

U-6906, U-6910, U-6911 & U-6912

Sold-Out Undercollar Colors

UC-3 (Temporarily Sold-Out)

Mill-Delayed Fabrics

GL-1746: Mid-February
GL-1764: Mid-February

BB-830: End of February

BC-1053: End of April
BC-1058: End of April

BL-786: Mid-February

BD-1305: End of January
BD-1309: End of February
BD-1311: End of January
BD-1313: End of February
BD-1314: End of February
BD-1328: End of January
BD-1475: End of January
BD-1477: Mid-March
BD-1478: End of January
BD-1479: Mid-February
BD-1488: Mid-March

CD-1456: Mid-February

HD-1344: Mid-February
HD-1400: Mid-February

LD-1435: Mid-February

RD-1268: Mid-March

ZD-1204: End of April
ZD-1241: End of January
ZD-1244: End of January

AA-451: Mid-March
AA-463: Mid-March

ZA-328: End of January
ZA-325: End of January