Updated 6.07.23

Spring & Summer 2023

WL  | WL-2217

WP  | WP-2147

WR  | WR-2043

WU  | WU-2073

Fall & Winter 2022

GF  | GF-1696

GH | GH-1784, GH-1785, GH-1794, GH-1799, GH-1809, GH-1810

GL  | GL-1739, GL-1743, GL-1745, GL-1746, GL-1747, GL-1752,

           GL-1769, GL-1851

GS  | GS-1830, GS-1823

GV  | GV-1887

Spring & Summer 2022

CD  | CD-1458, CD-1451, CD-1455

HD  | HD-1342, HD-1350, HD-1355, HD-1359, HD-1360, HD-1361,

            HD-1379, HD-1381, HD-1383, HD-1385, HD-1386, HD-1391,

            HD-1394, HD-1395, HD-1400

LD  |  LD-1420, LD-1433, LD-1435, LD-1439

RD  | RD-1276, RD-1277, RD-1289, RD-1290, RD-1296, RD-1301

Fall & Winter 2021

BX  | BX-1185

Fall & Winter 2020

AA  |  AA-428, AA-444, AA-445, AA-447, AA-452, AA-459,

             AA-464, AA-466, AA-467, AA-715

Spring & Summer 2020

ZA  |  ZA-191, ZA-202, ZA-204, ZA-220, ZA-227, ZA-229,


Fall & Winter 2019

QJ   |  QJ-9533, QJ-9534, QJ-9537, QJ-9539, QJ-9542,

             QJ-9546, QJ-9553, QJ-9554

Sold-Out Linings


LN323, LN341, LN350, LN354,

LN355, LN356, LN357, LN358,

LN360, LN374, LN378, LN379,

LN381, LN385, LN388, LN394,

LN395, LN396, LN398, LN400,

LN401, LN402, LN418

& LN420

Sold-Out Buttons

S-13, G-4, G-3, G-5, G-12,

A-10 & N-7

Sold-Out Ultrasuedes

U-6906, U-6910, U-6911 & U-6912

Sold-Out Undercollar Colors

UC-3 (Temporarily Sold-Out)

Mill-Delayed Fabrics

WH-2011: End of June

GS-1828: Mid-June

BD-1320: End of July

BD-1332: End of July

BD-1474: Mid-August

BD-1475: End of July

BD-1476: End of June

BD-1485: End of July

ZD-1214: End of June

AA-424: End of June

HC-4423000: End of August

Fabric Notes

WU-2073 is back in stock.