Updated as of 6.20.22

Spring & Summer 2022

HD  | HD-1381, HD-1383, HD-1389, HD-1394, HD-1395

LD  | LD-1433

RD  | RD-1277, RD-1289

Fall & Winter 2021

BC  | BC-1042, BC-1062, BC-1064

BE  | BE-982, BE-983, BE-985, BE-987, BE-991, BE-994, BE-996,

           BE-997, BE-999, BE-1003, BE-1004, BE-1007, BE-1008, BE-1009,

           BE-1015, BE-1016, BE-1017, BE-1019, BE-1020, BE-1021

BI  |  BI-880, BI-895

BL  | BL-1073, BL-1079, BL-1093, BL-1094, BL-1097, BL-1098, BL-1103, BL-1109

BU  | BU-1153

BV  | BV-933, BV-943, BV-943

Spring & Summer 2021

BL  | BL-785, BL-787, BL-792, BL-798, BL-799, BL-806, BL-813,

           BL-818, BL-823

BP  | BP-734, BP-736, BP-745, BP-748, BP-762, BP-766, BP-768, BP-769,

           BP-770, BP-774, BP-775

BR  | BR-867, BR-869

HS  | HS-318030, HS-318062

Fall & Winter 2020

AA  | AA-459

HH |  HH-528, HH-532, HH-541, HH-543, HH-545, HH-553, HH-554

LL  |   LL-448, LL-517, LL-523

SS   |  SS-582, SS-584, SS-589, SS-590, SS-597, SS-598, SS-602, SS-603,


Spring & Summer 2020

RA   | RA-9848, RA-9852, RA-9853, RA-9855, RA-9856, RA-9857, RA-9861,

             RA-9875, RA-9876, RA-9877, RA-9877, RA-9880, RA-9885, RA-9886,


XA   | XA-283, XA-288, XA-289, XA-291, XA-298, XA-310, XA-311, XA-315,


ZA  | ZA-204, ZA-220, ZA-227, ZA-229, ZA-230, ZA-328, ZA-335

Fall & Winter 2019

QG   | QG-9419, QG-9420, QG-9422, QG-9423, QG-9424, QG-9426, QG-9427,

              QG-9430, QG-9432, QG-9433

QJ  |  QJ-9533, QJ-9534, QJ-9539, QJ-9553, QJ-9554,

QL  | QL-9584

Sold-Out Linings


L002, L004, L009, L010, L012, L013,

 L015, L022, L023, L024, L025, L038,

L039, L040, L041, L043, L044, L046,

 L049, L051, L052, L054, L055, L058,

L059, L060, L062, L063, L064, L065,

L066, L067, L078, L086, L088, L091,

L095, L097, L099, L100, L101, L106,

L107, L108, L119, L126, L127, L128,

L131, L133, L135, L136 & L138



LN350, LN357, LN360, LN-374,

LN394, LN395 & LN400


*LN332 is delayed until the end of July.

Sold-Out Buttons

G-5, G-12, A-10 & N-7

Sold-Out Ultrasuedes

U-6906, U-6910, U-6911 & U-6912

Mill-Delayed Fabrics

BD-1305: Mid-July
BD-1307: Mid-July
BD-1310: Mid-June

BD-1313: End of July
BD-1314: End of July
BD-1315: Mid-July
BD-1321: Mid-July
BD-1326: Mid-July
BD-1328: Mid-July
BD-1332: Mid-July
BD-1333: Mid-Aug

HD-1343: End of August
HD-1358: End of August
HD-1378: Mid-September
HD-1379: Mid-September
HD-1380: End of September

RD-1276: Mid-July
RD-1288: End of September
RD-1297: End of July

ZD-1241: End of July
ZD-1251: Mid-June

ZD-1255 – Mid-September

BL-1110: End of August

BR-867: End of May
BR-871: End of May

BV-941: End of May

AA-423: End of August
AA-424: End of July
AA-436: End of July

ZA-337: Mid-September

HS-318070: Mid-June